Additional Services & Opportunities

Barbell Club

At QFE Barbell Club, we believe that training should be enjoyable and simultaneously effective. We accomplish this by providing a safe and encouraging training environment. Our Positive, highly certified staff offers purposeful and calculated programming. The Barbell Club aims to be a place that you can genuinely look forward to attending as you learn, grow, and accomplish your goals!

Meets Tuesdays/Thursdays @ 6:00pm-7:00pm

           Saturday @ 9:00am-10:00am

Member Pricing: $15/mo. added to membership rate

Non-Member Pricing: $40/mo.

Personal Training

Includes 1on1 attention or 2 person group training sessions

Personalized towards your own set of goals

1on1 2 Person Group

1 Session- $45

1 Session- $72

3 Sessions- $130

3 Sessions- $216

4 Sessions- $170

4 Sessions- $288

6 Sessions- $250

6 Sessions- $432

10 Sessions- $400

10 Sessions- $720


We have an in-house Chiro that is available every other saturday by appointment


Intial Visit $35.00

Follow-up Visits $25.00

Children (birth-16 yo) $15.00

Clean Eatz

As a member of QFE you have access to the meal service we have brought into our gym at a discounted rate & the convince of having them readily available here at the gym. Clean Eatz is a place in Fayetteville that will provide new meals for bulk order every week

We have the option to order

5 Meals

10 Meals

15 Meals