Meet Our Coaches

Daniel Perdue

I’ve been involved with Fitness, seriously, since about 2008. I used to just run, then just lift weights, but never at the same time which usually led to getting burnt out from exercise and long layoffs. It wasn’t until about 4 years ago that I found CrossFit and its been a great journey ever since. I thoroughly enjoy the challenges it presents as well as the pay offs I see in other people!

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Kenny Meroney                             

  I was a 3 sport athlete in high school and CrossFit gave me the chance to compete again. I started CrossFit 3 years ago to prepare myself for the U.S. Army, after starting, the experience forever changed my life. I enjoy being pushed by my fellow coaches and athletes, as well as, improving technique amongst our community. I love the community that CrossFit has along with how competitive it is.

CF-L1 | CF-L2 | CF Kids | USAW Level 1 Performance Coach

Hollie Bass

I've aways been very much into fitness and heath, competing in local races and spending several hours a week in my local gym. I experimented with several types of exercise "fads", without seeing much growth and feeling like I wasn't challenging myself. After watching the 2013 Crossfit Games, I decided to give it a try. I registered for the Level One Crossfit Seminar, obtained my CrossFit Level 1 certificate and was immediately hooked to the ever-changing workouts and challenges the sport presented me with!

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Alex Johnston

Being an athlete throughout middle and high school, I loved to compete and try to get better and better.CrossFit gave me that same feel that I had then, so naturally it intrigued me and I've stuck with it since I started CrossFit in 2015. I also enjoyed the atmosphere of community building and motivation that comes from fellow coaches and athletes.

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